Department of Chemistry

X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Sample Treatment

Samples submitting to XCL are considered as the properties of the principle investigators of the research projects.

For single-crystal sample, after selection of a few crystal samples, the remaining samples in the original container will be returned to the submitter. If no written prior notice given, the single-crystal sample will be treated as chemical waste and removed from XCL after data collection.

Powder, SAXS, and thin film samples will be returned to the submitter after data collection.

Co-authorship and Acknowledgment

To help authors in manuscript preparation and to protect them from errors in professional presentation of crystallographic results, co-authorship guidelines that are outlined here in accord with American Crystallographic Association regulations and with co-authorship policies accepted at the worldwide crystallography laboratories.

The crystallographer should be considered as a co-author when the structural information is an important part of the intellectual content of the manuscript and the structural information has been derived mainly from the diffraction data. Discussion on molecular geometric parameters, packing, hydrogen bonding, intra and inter-molecular interactions and unambiguous absolute structure determination would belong to this category. The crystallographer can assist in the analysis, interpretation of the crystallographic data, and preparation for publication.

If structure determination was achieved by other analysis such as NMR, MS, etc. and X-ray diffraction experiment used only to confirm, and no structural information will be disclosed in the manuscript, only acknowledgment is appropriate and should be given to the crystallographer. The crystallographer may request to publish the crystal structure, with the PI's consent, in a crystallographic journal independently after the original article is published as to not undermine the original paper, if a crystal structure is crystallographically interesting or novel.

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