Department of Chemistry

X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

All X-ray diffractometers in XCL are categorized as closed beam Irradiating Apparatus located in Controlled/Supervised Radiation Areas.

According to the Radiation Safety Manual from HKU Safety Office, any worker who works in approved Controlled/Supervised Radiation Area (CRA/SRA) or works with irradiating apparatus must be a Designated Radiation Worker (DRW) or Designated Radiation User (DRU).

Users of XCL instruments must be DRW or DRU. For more details on safety training course, please refer to the Certificate Course in Radiological Protection by HKU Safety Office.

Access to Controlled/Supervised Radiation Areas and irradiating apparatus is restricted to registered DRW or DRU, or personnel with permission granted by the University Radiation Protection Officer or the Departmental Radiation Safety Representative.

Please consult our Departmental Radiation Safety Representative Dr. Lap Szeto (email address: for more information.