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Distinguished presentations or keynote speeches given by the ICCDS's members

- 2016 -

November, 2016

Invited keynote presentation on “Gauging the growth and decline of international financial centers over recent decades: Big trends and big factors” at the 15th conference of Industrial Clusters and Regional Development, jointlyorganized China Coordination Group for Research on Industrial Cluster and Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, China, 19-20 November 2016.

August, 2016

Invited presentation on “How Big is Chinese’s Real Estate Bubble and Why Hasn’t It Yet Burst: A Comparative Study between China and World Major Financial Crises 1980-2014” and invited panellist for the specialist session of “Placing Finance in Urban and Regional Development” sponsored by The FinGeo at the 33rd International Geographical Congress (IGC), organized by the International Geographical Union, in Beijing, China, on 21-25 August 2016.

June, 2016

Paper presentation on “Where Does the Role of Chinese Government in Land Development Stand in a Global Context: An International Comparative Study” at Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) - Annual Conference 2016, organized by IAG and Flinders University, in Adelaide, Australia.

May, 2016

Plenary presentation on “How Big is Chinese’s Real Estate Bubble and Why hasn’t it yet Burst: A Comparative Study Between China and World Major Financial Crises 1980-2014” at International Symposium on Land Policy and Housing Market, jointly organized and sponsored by the HKU SRT (China Business and Economics, and Contemporary China), Peking University – Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, Centre of Urban Studies and Planning and the ICCDS, held at the University of Hong Kong, 16-17 May 2016.