Postgraduate Students

Jingmei Li


Email address



2012 - present Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
2008 - 2012 B.Eng. in Bio-medical Engineering, Nanjing University


Research interests

Droplet generation with on-demand sizes and structures
3D printing with viscous liquids for bio-medical application



[1] Kong, Tiantian; Li, Jingmei; Liu, Zhou; Zhou, Zhuolong; Ng, Hon Yu; Wang,Liqiu; Shum, Ho Cheung. Rapid
mixing between viscous liquids by electrical coiling. Scientific Reports, Revision.
[2] Li, Jingmei; Liu, Zhou; Huang, Haibo; Shum, Ho Cheung, Shielding Electric Fields to Prevent Coalescence of
Emulsions in Microfluidic Channels Using a 3D Metallic Coil. Micromachines 2015, 6 (10), 1430.
[3] Li, Jingmei; Mittal, Nitesh; Mak, Sze Yi; Song, Yang; Shum, Ho Cheung, Perturbation-induced droplets for
manipulating droplet structure and configuration in microfluidics. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2015, 25 (8), 084009.