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I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong, where I teach graduate courses in science education, research methodology, and the use of ICT in education. My current interests are in various aspects of knowledge building, including pedagogy, assessment, and teacher education.


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Room 320, Runme Shaw Building
Faculty of Education
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfu Lam Road
Hong Kong SAR, China

Telephone: + (852) 2859-1956
E-mail: vanaalst@hku.hk

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My Research

Knowledge building: a model of scientific inquiry that is used to foster idea improvement, collaboration, and agency. My research focuses on classroom learning, and how teachers enact knowledge building is classrooms and assessment.

Studying Confucian-heritage issues as they relate to knowledge building and the learning sciences.

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My Teaching

Graduate courses on knowledge building, research methods, science teaching and learning, and teaching and learning with ICT.

Professional development on responsible conduct in research.

Knowledge exchange project on knowledge building (bibliography, key findings, tutorials).

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Life as an Academic

I started in 1986 at Bishop O'Dowd High School as a physics & math teacher, and became interested in inquiry-oriented and constructivist approaches that would help students engage with the ideas on the curriculum more and gain deeper understanding. I linked up with some key physics education researchers such as Ronald Thornton and Pricilla Laws. Eventually I started my career as an academic.

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