Transgender in the Philippines.

Faculty Research Fund. 2003. Grant holder, HK$17,500 (7/7/03-31/8/03)


Transgender in the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Faculty Research Fund. 2003. Grant holder HK$8,100 (11/11/03-30/09/04)


Field research on transgender people in Thailand.

Grant 2003 – 2005 inclusive, awarded by Clinic of Dr Suporn Watanyusakul, Thailand.

Grant holder, approximately HK$8,000 per annum   (1/6/03-30/6/05)


Attitudes towards gender non-conformity in the Philippines education system.

Faculty Research Fund 2004. Grant holder, HK$15,000 (31/1/04-30/9/04)


Transsexuals: they may be different, they may be unusual, they may be standing right next to you.

Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme. 2005. Grant holder, HK$100,000 (1/1/05-30/6/05)


Transgender in Laos.

University of Hong Kong Small Project Grant: 2005. Grant holder, HK$67,000 (1/1/06-31/5/06)


The use by Thai and Filipino transpeople  of hormones and injected silicone, without medical supervision.

Faculty Research Fund. 2007. Grant holder, HK$20,000 (18/12/06-31/8/07)


Life narratives of transgendered people in Asia: implications for public education programmes and for education initiatives with transgendered people themselves. Hong Kong University Seed Grant. 2007. Grant holder, HK$60,000 (1/10/07-31/7/08)


Sexual and gender diversity, stigma and health in Hong Kong: a multi-disciplinary perspective.

University of Hong Kong Research Assistant Professor Scheme.

(Three year research project involving the appointment of a Research Assistant Professor (Dr Mark King)). (1/4/08-31/3/08)


Thai  kathoei: media, health, rights and ways of life.

Advisor to a community consultation research and public report, coordinated by Prempreeda Pramoj Na Ayutthaya (Project Secretary, Thai Queer Resources Centre), with funding May to November 2009 by Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation Thai Baht 458,000.(1/6/09-31/12/09)


Do mental health professionals reduce the likelihood of persons with gender identity dysphoria experiencing post-transition regret?

Faculty Research Fund. 2009.  Grant holder HK$20,000 (1/11/09-31/7/10)


Growing old and transgender in Southeast Asia: the health and well-being of transgender people over the age of 40.

University of Hong Kong Small Project Grant: 2005. Grant holder, HK$52456


Sexual minorities' experiences of prejudice in Hong Kong: a case-control study 

University of Hong Kong   2009-2014. (written by Dr Mark King - HK$501386) .