Expert evidence work


Positions held in NGOs, government, professional and scientific bodies.


Media work


Counselling work











Hong Kong


    Expert witness in the case of W (petitioning for judicial review of government policy on marriage for transpeople). (2010)


    Expert witness in the case of ‘I’ (arrested for soliciting, and for breach of terms of stay) (2012-13)




    Expert witness work (preparation of affidavits, and provision of oral testimony where appropriate) for legal gender status and marriage rights, as well as

    immigration and  asylum status in cases involving transpeople in Los Angeles (2004), Manila (2005), San Francisco (2006), London (2009),and Chicago (2011).

    Pro bono work of this nature has included work with Heartland Alliance (full name: Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights:








Hong Kong


    Member of Management Committee for St John’s Counselling Service, Hong Kong (2004-  )


    Founder-member of TEAM (Transgender Equality and Acceptance Movement), a support and advocacy group for transpeople.(2003 - )


    Membership of the Sexual Minorities Forum (formerly under Home Affairs Bureau, now under Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau)  for

    communication between the HKSAR Government  and the various sexual and gender minority communities of Hong Kong. (2005- )


    Transgender Resource Center (a transgender support group). Co-founder (April 2008)


    Member of Advisory Peer Group for postgraduate degree programmes at OUHK (Sept 2009 - )


    Member of Advisory Committee, ‘Community Business’ Workplace Equality Index for Hong Kong Project (2009-2010) . Contributor to the report

    ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees: A Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong’ (2010).


    Hong Kong TCJM (Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting) Central Committee. Elected member (2010- )


    Member of Advisory Committee, ‘Community Business’ LGBT Climate Study - Advisory Committee (2011-  )


    Member of Hong Kong Queer Alliance (HKQA) (2013-  )


    Member of Hong Kong Professional Commons Task Force on Transgender Law Reform (2013-  )




Member of Conference Advisory Committee,  ‘Sexualities, Genders and Rights in Asia. First International Conference of Asian Queer Studies. Bangkok, July 2005


Member of International Research Network, a project of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies of the City University of New York. (2005- )


Member of Steering Committee for Transgender Pre-conference, ILGA (International Gay and Lesbian Association) World Conference, Geneva, March 2006


Invited member of Transgender Group Working Project of South and South-East Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality. (Chaired by Sumit Baudh and with membership of 11 other people across South and South-East Asia.) (2008)


Member of Advisory Board for the Transgender Europe (TGEU) Transrespect v Transphobia Project. (2010-)


Participation in the work of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)


( a ) Invited member of WPATH Standards of Care Revision Committee (Chaired by Professor Eli Coleman of the University of Minnesota) (the only member out of 34 who are from Asia). The trustees of GIRES (the Gender Identity Research and Education Society) have awarded the SOC-7 team its 2011 prize.          

( b ) Elected to  the Board of Directors: (one of four such members. Term of office: 2009-2013).


( c ) Invited Chair of  group tasked to write a White Paper on the Ímplications of De-psychopathologising  Gender Variance’


( d ) Member of Policy, Advocacy and Liaison Committee (invited member, 2010 - )


( e ) Member of Public Policy, Advocacy and Liaison Committee Task Force on internationalization: (invited member, 2010- )


          ( f ) Member of Membership Committee (invited member, 2010- )


          ( g ) Member of Scientific Committee (and Director of track on 'healthcare in the developing world'), WPATH Symposium, 2011, Atlanta, USA. 

                (the only member from Asia, out of 25 members)


          ( h ) Convenor of working group on language policies (2011 - )


Participation in Asia-Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM).


         ( a )  Invited member on Health Subcommittee (2010 -)


         ( b )  Invited member on Social Research Subcommittee (2010 -)


Member of ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) International Advisory Group for project on trans legal environments (2011- )



    Member of WHO Working Group on the Classification of Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health (tasked with examining 45 diagnoses contained in

    the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), in connection with development of ICD-11 (2011- )


    Member of Asia-Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) Knowledge Reference Group (2012- )








Hong Kong


    Frequent interviews on transgender health and law, to Hong Kong newspapers (for example SCMP, Next), radio (RTHK) and TV (TVB Pearl, ATV World ).

    Regular contributor to Kwok Talk (RTHK 3) discussions on sexuality (Friday lunch-time 'Friday is sex day' programme) (2011-13)


    Frequent letters to newspapers (South China Morning Post, Sunday Morning Post, HK Standard) on issues relating to sexual and gender diversity, plus op-ed piece ('Gender Justice') for South China Morning Post.





Collaboration / appearance on numerous TV and radio programmes, including, since 2000:


( a ) National Geographic (Asia) and National Geographic (North America) on the production of two documentary TV programmes on transgender

        in Asia, entitled ‘Hidden Gender’ (2003) and ‘The Third Sex’ (2004) respectively;


( b ) Philippines National TV Network CBS-ABN TV documentary ‘Ladyboys’ (2004);


( c ) Granada TV and HBO TV documentary on gender diversity (2004);


( d ) Toronto CityTV Cable Network TV documentary on transgender in Thailand (2002)


( e ) China Radio International, for the programme 'People in the Know' (2010)


          ( f ) WBNC (Boston), BBC World Service Radio (Vietnamese Service), Associated Press etc.  (various times)


Letters to newspapers (New Straits Times Malaysia, Sun Malaysia, Bangkok Post) on regional issues relating to sexual and gender diversity.









Clinical and advisory work (as at July 2010) in regard to around 67 clients in Hong Kong and overseas.








Hong Kong


Speech to Hong Kong 2005 Rally for IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia), Causeway Bay, 17th May. 


Participation in the Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme administered by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government, as follows:


( a ) participation in an ‘Equal Opportunities Awareness Day’  Exhibition organized and funded by Home Affairs Bureau of HK Government. (2005)


( b ) production of a leaflet educating the public about transpeople. (2005).


Co-organiser for a public lecture by Rev.Bishop Gene Robinson, of the US Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, at City Polytechnic University. Lecture entitled ‘Securing Justice for Sexual Minorities’, co-sponsored by HKU Faculty of Education (October 2007)


Initiator of formal complaint to Broadcast Authority regarding two editions of ‘Zebra Online’ TV programme, broadcast on ATV Home Channel. (2008).


Invited moderator of public forum ‘Coming out in HK’ organized by HKqUeerCampus as part of its first ‘Gay Pride Week’ (March 2008).


Seminars ('Growing up Transgender in Asia') and ('Trans-issues in Hong Kong') for Rotary Club of Hong Kong South (District 3450) (Sept 2010 and Jan 2011)






Invited chair for two sessions at the Eighteenth Congress of the World Association of Sexology (First Congress of the World Association of Sexual Health), Sydney, April 2007


Approved Examiner for Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan