Interactive Learning Network (ILN)

ILN is a community-building environment designed to support virtual communities of practice where ILN members engage in reflective, collegial pattern of work. The ILN is called "Interactive Learning Network" and the access is restricted to members only.

Login names and password are needed to login to ILN. A set of personalized login names and passwords has been generated for each member based on his/her registered emails. (Please refer to the Login Name and Password List sent through email) The password is the same as the login name at this moment but members are advised to change their password by following the instruction below:

  1. Go to "My Profile" on the menu bar on the left hand side in ILN
  2. Change password in the "Change your personal information" section. (You can also update your personal information in that section.)


Functions of ILN

  • Announcement - Updates of events and important notices will pop up when members logon to ILN
  • Resources - Members can have access to share any electronic resources e.g. lecture notes, powerpoint presentation by sending it to Wendy Leung
  • Forum - This is a discussion platform for members to exchange ideas and post queries and suggestions concerning ILEC
  • Calendar - Dates of important events will be highlighted

For an ILN manual, please go to FAQs

If members have questions and suggestions concerning the use of ILN, please feel free to contact
Wendy Leung at 2859-7086