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*=postgraduate advisee; #=postdoctoral advisee; ^=undergraduate advisee

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*Liu H., Garber J., Smye A.J., Stockli D.F., Stockli L., *Colleps, C.L., Chen, W., Cole D., Planavsky N.J., & McKenzie N.R., submitted, Statistical assessment of zircon trace elements tracks magmatic and tectonic regime changes and continental crust evolution for ~4.4 billion years.

#Bauer, K.W., Fakhraee, M., Katsev, S., Clarkson, M.O., Planavsky, N.J., McKenzie, N.R., Crowe, S.A., in review, Seawater sulphate collapse, ocean methane release, and the Permian–Triassic mass extinction.

#Bauer, K.W., McKenzie, N.R., Bottini, C., Erba, E.E., & Crowe, S.A., in review, Desertification and a phosphorus famine in the ferruginous Tethys Ocean ~120 Ma.

Published  (a.k.a. Old Headaches)

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