Ryan McKenzie

Sedimentary Geology & Earth Systems Evolution Group


Dr. Hangyu Liu                                                                                

PhD (2021) – University of Hong Kong

Now Senior Research Scientist, PetroChina

Dr. Adam Nordsvan (nordsvan@hku.hk)

Postdoctoral Scholar 2020-present

Phd (2020) – Curtain University

BS (2014) – University of Newcastle  

Adam is interested in how and why sediments are deposited, secular changes in sedimentary systems and the sedimentology and duration of Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth events. He has been developing new statistical methods for detrital zircon analysis that help identify potential source regions and aid with palaeogeographical reconstructions.

Dr. Cody Colleps

PhD 2020 — University of Hong Kong

Now Postdoc at University of Potsdam (Germany)

WEBSITE: https://www.cocogeo.com

Chris Cheung                                                                                

PhD candidate  

BS (2020) – St. Andrews University

Chris's research focuses on tropical weathering processes in Southeast Asia, with an emphasis on carbon cycling, isotope geochemistry and clay mineralogy.

Dr. Kohen Bauer

Postdoctoral Scholar 2019-2022

Now Now Senior Scientist Ocean Networks Canada, University of Victoria


THE DEPARTED (aka Alums)

Dr. Qing Tang (qingt@hku.hk)

Postdoctoral Scholar 2021-present

PhD (2018)-Virginia Tech (USA)

MS (2014)-Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

BS (2010)-Northwest University (China)

Qing’s work is mainly focused on early life evolution. He uses paleontological, geochemical, and geobiological methods to study some of the earliest eukaryotic fossils in the Proterozoic; to answer when the major eukaryotic clades, e.g., algae, protists, animals, evolved and how they became diverse; ultimately to understand the co-evolution between biosphere and geosphere in the Proterozoic. He is also interested in early animal evolution in the Cambrian with a special focus on the Cambrian explosion.

Spencer Patrick                                                                                

MPhil 2021— University of Hong Kong

Now PhD student at Virginia Tech

Former Postgraduate Students

Former Postdocs

Dr. Marie Genge (mcgenge@hku.hk)

Postdoctoral Scholar 2022-present (coadvisee w/ Webb)

Postdoc (2020-2022) University of Lille (France)

PhD (2020) University of Padova (Italy)

MS (2017) University of Lille (France)

MS (2015) University of Uppsala (Sweden)

BS (2014) University of Lille (France)

Mareie studies active tectonic margins, especially the Andes (Ecuador, Peru, Patagonia), to better understand the links between deep geodynamic processes, deformation, and erosion at the surface. In order to constrain the timing and magnitude of rock uplift and exhumation she integrates fieldwork with seismic observations, low-temperature thermochronologic, geochronologic, and isotope geochemical data.