Laboratory of Nanoscale Energy Conversion Devices and Physics @ HKU   PI: Paddy K. L. Chan



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Laboratory of Nanoscale Energy Conversion Devices and Physics is an energetic research group at The University of Hong Kong. Our research focuses on the fundamental physics as well as novel fabrication methods of flexible electronics especially on transistor based devices (OFETs). High performance organic transistors are the critical building blocks for the next generation electronics which can be applied in sensors, electronic-skin, flexible circuits, memory, transparent display and a lot more. To achieve the desired electrical and mechanical properties, every single layer in the device from the substrate, dielectric insulator, semiconductor active layer and electrodes, all require specific treatment process and a lot of interesting work is carrying out in the research community.  One major focus of our team is to modify the OFET performance by engineering the interfaces between these layers with novel fabrication methods and investigates the physics behind them.

      Since our research interests are highly interdisciplinary and covering areas from fundamental physics to device fabrications, we welcome students with different backgrounds in engineering, material science, applied physics or other related areas to join our group.


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