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(*corresponding author; +student of Prof. Huang; #postdoc/RA of Prof. Huang) H-index: 31; Citation: 3679(Google Scholar 20 March 2021).

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2.     +Z. Wang, Z.H. Cao, JF Wang, M.X. Huang*, Improving the bending toughness of Al-Si coated press-hardened steel by tailoring coating thickness (2021), Scripta Materialia 192, 19-25

3.     J. Zhang, M.X. Huang*, B. Sun, B. Zhang, R. Ding, C. Luo, W. Zeng, C. Zhang, Z. Yang, S. van der Zwaag, H. Chen*, Critical role of Lüders banding in hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of medium Mn steels (2021), Scripta Materialia 190, 32-37

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5.     +L.T. Liu, Y.Z. Li, K.P. Yu, M.Y. Zhu, H. Jiang, P. Yu*, M.X. Huang*, A novel stainless steel with intensive silver nanoparticles showing superior antibacterial property (2021), Materials Research Letters 9 (6), 270-277

6.     R.D. Liu,  #Y.Z. Li, L. Lin, C.P. Huang, Z.H. Cao, M.X. Huang*, Strain rate sensitivity of a 1.5 GPa nanotwinned steel (2021), Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 1-5

7.     +C. Huang, M.X. Huang*, Effect of Processing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Deformed and Partitioned (D&P) Medium Mn Steels (2021), Metals 11 (2), 356

8.     R. Liu, Z. Liang*, L. Lin, M.X. Huang*, Dislocation Source and Pile-up in a Twinning-induced Plasticity Steel at High-Cycle Fatigue (2021), Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) 34 (2), 169-173

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