PI 88  Bruker Hysitron in-situ nanoindentation

The Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter is a comprehensive in-situ nanomechanical testing system for SEM,  FIB/SEM and EBSD. In-situ nanoindentaiton, tensile, and bending experimetns can be performed. (Images from Bruker)

10 kN   Kammrath & Weiss In-situ tensile/compression

The in-situ tensile/compression tests can be carried out under SEM,  EBSD and XRD. Testing temperature ranges from -150 to 800 oC. Nano-DIC can be performed under SEM.



L78 RITA Quenching & Deformation Dilatometer

The Quenching/Deformation Dilatometer L78 RITA is especially suitable for the determination of TTT, CHT and CCT diagrams. The instrument can perform measurements under vacuum, inert, oxidized, reduced atmospheres.

SmartLab X-ray diffractometer

The SmartLab is the most novel high-resolution X-ray diffractometer available today. SmartLab employs a new rotating anode X-ray generator that is specifically optimized for the optics and geometries, allowing SmartLab to achieve three times higher intensity than current products (shared from ME Department).



MTS 810 Material Testing Systems

Renowned for their unmatched accuracy, flexibility and high performance, MTS test systems provide all types of test including tension, compression, bending, fatigue, fracture toughness, etc.

WDW-50C HUALONG Universal Testing Machine

HUALONG WDW-50C (Up to 50 KN) electromechanical testing machines offer force, displacement or deformation closed loop testing in tension, compression, flexure, shear, tear and peel etc.



WAW-200 HUALONG Universal Testing Machine

HUALONG WAW-200 (Up to 200KN) Servo-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is ideal for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing.

Hopkinson tensile bar

Hopkinson tensile bar for high strain rate tests upto 3000 s-1. Interrupted tensile test under high strain rate can be also carried out. High-temperautre test at high strain rate will be availiable soon.



G4 Phoenix Bruker TDS

Bruker G$ Phoenix TDS for measuring hydrogen content in metals with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm. This is an essencial facilty for studying the hydrogen embrittle or delayed fracture of adcanced high strength steels.


The PARSTAT 3000A-DX Bipotentiostat combines 2 high performance, independent potentiostats with floating capability in a single chassis. Studies of corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement can be performed.

chemical station


Proof Ring Cormet

The Proof Ring test systems are broadly used to study stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement research. Constant load test can be carried out under ambient conditions or with an environmental chamber. Different types of specimens could be tested with these proof rings to fulfill other demanding requirements.

 Zeiss Sigma 300 FEG Scanning Electron Microscope

High resolution SEM with EDS, BSE, EBSD (very fast Oxiform Symmetry ). Transimisison EBSD can be formed. In-situ nanoindentaion, in-situ tensile test can be carried out in this system. (shared from ME Department)



Hitachi S-4800 FEG Scanning Electron Microscope

Observe uncoated samples by beam deceleration option; In-lens SE and BSE detection at low voltages; EDS system for elemental analysis and mapping. (shared from EMU)

LEO 1530 FEG Scanning Electron Microscope

In-lens annular detector for bright, clear surface-specific image; EDS system for elemental analysis and mapping; EBSD system also includes for the microtexture determination. (shared from EMU)



FEI Tecnai G2 20 S-TWIN Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

Tecnai G2 20 S-TWIN is ready for new applications like EDS with mapping, STEM. The system has a high diffraction acceptance angle, which makes it suitable for tilting and other analytical experiments. (shared from EMU)

FEI Quanta 200 3D DualBeam Focus Ion Beam

For the materials science lab it offers the capability of in-situ dynamic experiments, 3D imaging and analysis and TEM sample preparation for more in-depth analysis. (shared from EMU)