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Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning Association
The University of Hong Kong

Since its first intake in 1997, the Masters of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning (MATPP) has
been attracting professionals from all modes of transport including air, sea, road, rail, bus,
government, transport consultants and others. Following two years of hard work, study and
friendship together, the idea to establish an alumni for MATPP was by a number of enthusiastic
MATPP graduates with prime objectives:
- to stay connected;
- to keep abreast of transport development in Hong Kong and beyond; and
- to promote study and research in transport.

With the support of our honorary advisor, Dr. Becky Loo of Department of Geography, the
MATPPA was inaugurated on 16 December 2000. We were honored to have Professor Jim,
Dr. Tim Hau, Mr Graham Cake witnessing the inauguration of the MATPPA and 38 members
participated in the ceremony.
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