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Everyone in Hong Kong knows the emblem of Hong Kong, the Bauhinia flower which appears on our regional flag. This is the flower of the tree Bauhinia blakeana which was first found in Hong Kong. There are 10 other species of Bauhinia found in Hong Kong of which 5 are native and 5 are introduced from other parts of the world. 3 of these are trees, 4 are classed as shrubs and the other 3 are creepers or vines. At this website you will find details of the different species that will help you identify them and learn more about how they grow and reproduce. 

New Publication on the Hong Kong Bauhinia, see details under  Bauhinia "blakeana"

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SHRUBS (all cultivated) LIANAS  (climbers)


The genus Bauhinia is a member of the Leguminosae or pea family which is a family of considerable economic importance to humanity comprising around 700 genera and 17,000 species. A common feature of legumes is their ability to form symbiotic root nodules with Rhizobium species of bacteria which can directly fix atmospheric nitrogen. This provides the plants with an essential source of nutrition that gives them a considerable advantage in poorer soils. Within the legume family the Bauhinia are members of the sub-family Caesalpinioideae which comprises mainly tropical trees and shrubs. Other Caesalpinioids in Hong Kong include the Cassia trees and the Flame of the Forest tree Delonix regia which are very common as ornamentals for road-side planting.