Second and Third Year course

2009-10 first semester

LCOM2001: Theories of language and communication (6 credits)

Prerequisites: LCOM1001

Instructor: Dr. Adrian Pable

Assessment: 100% coursework


The core course following LCOM1001 examines theoretical discussions of language and communication, with special reference to underlying assumptions about language (i.e. their metatheory) and the respective philosophies of language they are based on, their merits and shortcomings, as well as possible points of contact between them. These assumptions will also be critically discussed on the basis of exemplary linguistic studies presented in class. We shall hence consider the various traditions contributing to language and communication theory, among which the semiotic, the phenomenological, and the sociocultural traditions. Particular emphasis will be placed on how sociolinguistic theory has dealt with the phenomena of language and communication.

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