Information on Radiation, Radiological Protection, Guangdong Nuclear Power Station and the Daya Bay Contingency Plan

Sources of Radiation
Units of Ionising Radiation
What is radiation and how are we exposed to it?
What is the difference between ionising radiation and radioactivity?
Is there more than one kind of ionising radiation?
Will these ionising radiations make me radioactive?
If ionising radiation does not make a thing radioactive how do items become radioactive in a nuclear reactor?
Will radiation build up in the body until it gets to a point where it will kill you?
Well, if radiation does not build up in the body, how does it harm a person?
So if I get a dose of radiation, will I be killed?
How much is this large dose of radiation?
Where does my annual radiation dose come from?
What are the man-made sources of my radiation dose?
Can you put some figures on these natural background and man-made radiation doses?
When you say 'on average', does this mean that some people get more radiation than others?
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Health Effects of Radiation
What are the health effects of radiation?
Is is dangerous for anyone to experience these higher levels of radiation dose?
Did you suggest earlier that if I get a radiation dose more quickly it would do more damage?
What kinds of radiation damage can occur?
What is the chance of getting a fatal cancer from a dose of radiation?
What is the chance of radiation causing genetic mutations that are passed on to my children?
How can I tell when I am being over exposed to radiation?
How can I protect myself against radiation?
How may I measure my radiation dose, and what are the limits?
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Nature of Radiation Hazards
Protection from the External Radiation Hazard
Protection from the Internal Radiation Hazard

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station
How much radiation do I get from nuclear power plants?
What guidelines are followed for the release of radioactivity from nuclear plants?
How can we be certain that nuclear power plants are having minimal effects on the environment?
What is the risk to the public from radioactivity released from nuclear plant operations?
Are benefits of nuclear energy worth the risks?
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Principles of Intervention for Nuclear Accidents
Nuclear Accident Phases
Potential Exposure Pathways in Accident Phases
Levels of Intervention
A Guide for Protective Actions
How safe is the Guangdong Nuclear Power Station at Daya Bay?
How does radioactive material travel?
If there ever was a nuclear reactor incident, how might the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) be affected?
How would the Daya Bay Contingency Plan operate?
How would the HKSAR Government's response be organized?
What should you do?
How shall we let you know what's going on?
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