Dr. Janet H. Hsiao
Associate Professor
University of Hong Kong

Dr. Janet H. Hsiao

Associate Professor
BSc NTU, MSc SFU, PhD Edinburgh

Department of Psychology
University of Hong Kong

Office: Room 623, 6/F Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus
Phone: +852 3917 4874
Email: jhsiao at hku dot hk

Research Interests [more]

Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational modeling, Hemispheric Asymmetry, Perceptual Expertise, Psycholinguistics
hemispheric asymmetry in cognitive processes, development of visual expertise, connectionist modeling, eye movement modeling with hidden Markov model, visual word recognition, Chinese character recognition, English word recognition, face recognition, object recognition, language reading, music notation reading, bilingual language processing.

Recent News [more]

  • [April 7, 2016] Journal paper on "Information distribution within musical segments" by Antoni Chan and Janet Hsiao, accepted to the journal Music Perception.
  • [Dec. 9, 2015] Journal paper on "Holistic processing as measured in the composite task does not always go with right hemisphere processing in face perception" by Janet Hsiao and Bruno Galmar, accepted to the journal Neurocomputing.
  • [Aug. 3, 2015] Journal paper on "Transfer of perceptual expertise: The case of simplified and traditional Chinese character recognition" by Tianyin Liu, Tim Chuk, Su-ling Yeh, and Janet Hsiao, accepted to the journal Cognitive Science.
  • [Jan 5, 2015] Journal paper on "Humans have idiosyncratic and task-specific scanpaths for judging faces" by Christopher Kanan, Dina Bseiso, Nicholas Ray, Janet Hsiao, and Garrison Cottrell, accepted to Vision Research.
  • [Jan 1, 2015] Janet Hsiao was promoted to tenured Associate Professor.

Selected Publications [more]

  • Chuk, T., Chan, A. B., & Hsiao, J. H. (2014). Understanding eye movements in face recognition using hidden Markov models. Journal of Vision, 14(11):8, 1-14. Online Link
  • Tso, R. V. Y., Au, T. K., & Hsiao, J. H. (2014). Perceptual expertise: Can sensorimotor experience change holistic processing and left side bias? Psychological Science, 25(9), 1757-1767. Online Link
  • Hsiao, J. H., Cipollini, B., & Cottrell, G. (2013). Hemispheric asymmetry in perception: A differential encoding account. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25(7), 998-1007. PDF Copy
  • Hsiao, J. H. & Cottrell, G. W. (2009). Not all visual expertise is holistic, but it may be leftist: The case of Chinese character recognition. Psychological Science, 20(4), 455-463. PDF Copy
  • Hsiao, J. H. & Cottrell, G. W. (2008). Two fixations suffice in face recognition. Psychological Science, 19(10), 998-1006. PDF Copy


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