Short courses

A series of short courses will be proposed by leading experts from China, France and abroad. Each course is intented to give a comprehensive introduction to a selected topic with basic tools and idea. Course duration range from 3 hours to 6 hours.

  •           Zhidong BAI,   NENU, Changchun:    TBA
  •           Philippe BIANE ,   CNRS, IGM, Paris-Est:    Probabilités libres, convolution libre et matrices aléatoires
  •           Charles BORDENAVE ,   CNRS, IMT, Toulouse   and   Djalil CHAFAÏ ,   Univ. Paris-Est, Paris:   
  •                  Around the circular law
  •           Catherine DONATI-MARTIN ,   Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris:
  •                  On finite-rank perturbated random matrices
  •           Alice GUIONNET ,   CNRS, ENS-Lyon, Lyon:    Large deviations for random matrices
  •           Tiefeng JIANG,   Univ. Minnesota, Twin Cities :
  •                  Sample correlation matrices and Haar-invariant matrices and their applications
  •           Xiangdong LI,   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing :
  •                  Geometric analysis in random matrices theory
  •           Baiqi MIAO,   Univ. Sciences & Tech., Hefei:    Applications of large random matrices
  •                  in time series analysis
  •           Jamal NAJIM,   CNRS, Télécom ParisTech, Paris:    Large random matrices: estimation and
  •                  application to wireless communication            Slides : Part 1 Part 2
  •           Guangming PAN,   Nanyang Technology University, Singapore:
  •                  1. Convergence rate of the spectral distributions of random matrices;
  •                  2. Testing cross section independence by large random matrix theory.
  •           Sandrine PÉCHÉ,   Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble:    Universality results for random matrices
  •           Jack SILVERSTEIN,   North Carolina State University, Raleigh :   
  •                  Spectral Properties of Large Dimensional Random Matrices
  •           Zhonggen SU,   Zhejiang University, Hangzhou :   
  •                  Gaussian fluctuations for eigenvalues of random matrices

  Research talks

There will be also a series of research talks, at a more advanced level and given by reseachers attending the Summer School.

Incomplete list:

  •           Adrien HARDY,   Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse:
  •                  Large deviations for non-centered complex Wishart matrices
  •           Dandan JIANG,   Jilin University, Changchun:
  •                  Testing for The Independence of Sets of Large-Dimensional Variables
  •           Tiefeng JIANG,   Univ. Minnesota, Twin Cities:
  •                  Moments of Traces for Circular Beta-ensembles
  •           Xiangdong LI,   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing :
  •                  On the generalized Dyson Brownian motion
  •           Mylène MAIDA,   Université Paris-Sud, Orsay:
  •                  Large deviations for the process of the largest eigenvalue of an Hermitian Brownian motion
  •                  (joint work with Catherine Donati-Martin)
  •           Camille MALE,   École Normale de Lyon, Lyon :
  •                  The strong asymptotic freeness of large random and deterministic matrices
  •           Damien PASSEMIER,   Université de Rennes 1, Rennes :
  •                  On the estimation of the number of spikes
  •           Dong WANG,   University of Michigan :
  •                  Random matrix models with spiked external source
  •           Qihua WANG,   Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing:
  •                  Fusion--refinement procedure for dimension reduction with missing response at random
  •           Shurong ZHENG,   Northeast Normal University, Changchun :
  •                  CLT of linear spectral statistics of F-random matrices and its applications