How to get there ?

The Summer Institute will hold in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Northeast Normal University, Changchun.

Two hotels will host most of the participants:

Transportation information for getting there:

More pratical information in the NENU area:

Contact 联系人信息

In China:

- Prof. Shurong ZHENG, Inst. Maths. & Statistics, Northeastern Nornal University,
郑术蓉 东北师范大学数学与统计学院
Phone (mobile) 手 机:+86 13504314658

- Prof. Zhonggen SU, Dept. Mathematics, Zhejiang University
苏中根 浙江大学数学系
Phone 电话:+86 (0)571-87953676
Email: suzhonggen[AT]

In France:

- Alice GUIONNET, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Email: Alice.Guionnet[AT]

- Jianfeng YAO, Dept. Statistics & Acturial Sciences, The University of Hong Kong,
姚建峰 香港大学统计及精算学系
Email: jeffyao[AT]