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Welcome to my web page. I am with the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, at The University of Hong Kong.

I have been for several years a professor in applied mathematics and statistics in the Department of Mathematics, University of Rennes 1, in Brittany, West France.

These pages would give you some idea on my past and current interests.

Have fun ...                                                                                 

     Short course, July 2018

I will be giving a short course "Large random matrices and applications to high-dimensional statistics", at the Institute of Statistics and Big Data, Renming University (Beijing). Two hours and half per morning from July 2 to July 5. The lectures target at year 3-4 undergraduate students and fresh graduate students. You are all welcome.

Here is a short summary of the course .


  A newly established               Hong Kong Probability Seminar

  A book published in March 2015

                       book cover by Cambridge University Press.
Book's errata and statement:    here. Read some sample chapters of a draft:    there.

  January 6-9 2015, The University of Hong Kong:

                         book cover      PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme Workshop Random matrices and their applications

  A recently established journal

                         RMTA the journal      Random Matrices: Theory and Applications,     published by World Scientific.

  A past France-China Summer School
              Random Matrix Theory and Applications in High-dimensional Statistics,
      held July 10-29, 2011, in Changchun, China

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