Dr. Ivan K. Chu  

B.Sc. Victoria;    
Ph.D. CityU H.K.


Rm. 502 Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Bldg.


Biophysicals and fundamentals Lab:

Rm. 203B Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Bldg.


Proteomics and metabolomics Lab:
7N-14 Kadoorie Biological Sciences Bldg.

Phone:  (852) 2859 2152




Biological Mass Spectrometry

Research Interests: Radical-induced Protein Modifications


Our group is interested in the fundamental, instrumental and applied aspects of biological mass spectrometry. For more information, please visit our website.



Biophysicals and Fundamental Mass Spectrometry:



Peptide free radicals are believed to play important roles in various biological processes, including aging and Parkinson’s disease but they are understood quite poorly at present. In our laboratory, we employ mass spectrometry and computational models to study the energetics of and pathways toward the formation and dissociation of peptide radical ions. Through our investigations, we seek a better understanding of the methods of generation of peptide radicals, as well as new insights into the fundamental aspects of their biophysical chemistry, such as the mechanisms of their gas phase radical ion fragmentations.



Bioanalyticals and Next Generation Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation:


We are actively engaged in the development of new instrumentation and techniques for the bioanalytical applications of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. In collaboration with MDS-SCIEX and IONICS (Canada), we modify existing mass spectrometric hardware to explore new avenues for proteomic, glycomic, and metabolomic analyses. Our goals are to develop sensitive, efficient, and novel mass spectrometric methodologies.



Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics, Glycomics and Metabolomics:



Interdisciplinary research in our group focuses on the applications of mass spectrometry to proteomics, glycomics, and metabolomics. In collaborations with biologists, biochemists, and obstetricians within the faculties of Science and Medicine in the University and across the world, we seek to identify and characterize proteins, phosphoproteins, glycoproteins and nitrated proteins that participate in several novel and important cellular functions. Using our analytical tools, we also study metabolomics with the goal of identifying metabolites of great botanical and biomedical interest.



Analysis of Toxic Organic Substances in Food Matrixes

The presence of toxic organic substances such as pesticides, naturally occur toxins, drug residues and artificial chemicals additives in food may cause severe short term or chronic health problems. There are huge un-matched demands in providing more sensitive and efficient analysis for food safety testing to better protect the general public and to reduce the trade barriers in food items over the world. We are interested in coupling Multi-Dimension Liquid Chromatography to mass spectrometry with dual ESI and APCI interfaces in attempts to tackle some of the challenging issues in food analysis such as matrix interferences, insufficient sensitivity for low level toxic substances and related metabolites, and lengthy sample preparation prior to LC-MS-MS analysis.

















       A               B                  C              D       

A: Immunohistochemical analysis of endothelial cells

B: A novel metabolic gene in sorghum and zebrafish embryos; 

C: MRI image of DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease); 

D: MRI image of Macaca brain (Degenerative disorder)





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