Biological Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry has become a prominent tool in biological research because of its high sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency. Our cross-disciplinary group is actively engaged in the fundamental, instrumental, and applied aspects of biological mass spectrometry.

In application, we are identifying and quantifying proteins in complex biological samples with our instruments. We aim to discover and quantify proteomes and metabolites in model plant and vertebrate systems. In addition, our group is working on the development of instrumentation and methodologies that will further the analytical capabilities that power these studies.

To study the fundamental pathways and energetics of peptide radical ion formation and dissociation we combine the power of computational models and experimentation. Through our investigation in the mechanism of generatrion and dissociation of peptide radical species we seek to better our understandings on the fundamental chemistries involved in biological mass spectrometry.

  Current News:

Join Us: 8th Asia Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference

January 5-7, 2020

University of Macau

Macau, China

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