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email: huiharry@hku.hk

Over the years Harry Hui has taught such courses as “Fundamentals of Social Psychology,” “Industrial and Organizational Psychology,” “Advanced Industrial and Organizational Psychology,” “Introduction to Psychology,” “Love, Marriage, Sex, and Family,” and “Christianity and Society.”  He has a broad spectrum of research interests, and presents his findings in scientific conferences and other channels. He has also applied psychological knowledge to improve effectiveness of organizations. Working closely with many companies, government departments, faith-based organizations, and NGOs, he provides various consulting services, and also training workshops on conflict management and prevention. He specializes in the measurement of attitudes, beliefs, aptitudes, and abilities of the workforce. The “Chinese Personality at Work” Questionnaire and the non-verbal “Analytical Reasoning Test” he developed has been administered to thousands of adults for the prediction of their work performance. 

Harry is a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.



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