Heraldic Charges borne by Armigerous Palmers
Not the bishop's crozier in the middle, but the two Palmer's Staves on either side, aka, Bourdons [old French].
A Palmer's scrip, satchel, wallet, purse, or bag.
A Palmer's stave bearing a Palmer's scrip. [Images used by permission from, "An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry" by John Cilia La Corte, 2004.]

29 March 2009

Dear Palmers,

Palm Sunday will soon be upon us.

Did you know that in various Ibero & Hispanic countries, celebrants of Palm Sunday are called Palmeros.

I recently read a new book on the crusades.  One factoid that I gleaned was that the pilgrims & palmers to the Holy Land, after the obligatory visit to the Holy Sepulchre and a bath in the River Jordan, took a branch from the Palms of Jericho, affixed it to their staves and returned to their homeland.  Perhaps it was a date palm? as these are most often mentioned in relation with Jericho.

I am hoping that we can create a community amongst us.  Yes, with multiple origins for the name of Palmer, and all of us more or less in the "white bread" culture of modern Anglo society, it is hard to realize a community of reciprocal sharing.  However, we have all self-selected ourselves, as individuals wishing to discover more of our heritage past.  And because most of us have hit the brick wall in searching the documentary record, we have turned to genetic genealogy as the next big hope.  Well, here's a bit of news:  this only works if you can find someone to share with you.  How will you find someone with whom to share?  Yup. Charity starts at home.  What goes round comes round.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Please! input your details into your page, so that others can find you!

Please share with us your past, and the stories of success in your pursuit of the past!

With the goal of creating shared community, I offer this story that turned up recently, and that has lodged in my memory.

In the recent flurry of communication between us, I received news that one of our members recently passed away.  He told me the story of his troubled parentage about two years ago.  In this recent email, his widow kindly replied to my email, with a continued offer to communicate with anyone interested in her husband's heritage.  Her words; "I truly appreciate what you are doing with this project. It occurs to me that some day there will be many children growing up with a big question in their mind, "Who is my Daddy?" It haunted [my husband] all his life."

There are several in this project with us, with attenuated paternity.  In my case, my 3rd GGrandfather bore the curious name of "John Palmer otherwise Worthington", for a reason as yet unknown.  In any case, all of us, Palmers all, carry the tradition, imprint & sound of the surname, lineally, through fostering, or, through attenuated paternity.

Palm Sunday comes upon us.

Let's celebrate who we are, the heritage & traditions we have, and.., let's share them with those who are desperate to know.., before it is too late.

Best wishes,
David Palmer