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Projects and Publications - NGO Management

Studying the management aspects of NGOs at micro-level is another main focus of the research of our Centre. Since establishment, we have completed or started the following projects.

NGO Statistics and Social Auditing Practices in Hong Kong: A Feasibility Study

In collaboration with the Research Division of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, this research aimed to unveil existing NGO reporting, statistics and data collection practices and social auditing in Hong Kong and to explore ways to strengthen these practices. Two task force groups were established to give expert opinions on these issues. A detailed report has been completed. The project is part of the ongoing effort of the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium (APPC), sponsor of the study, to strengthen nonprofit accountability and governance in the region, so as to achieve the regional network's wider goal to enhance the flow of philanthropy in Asia. A final report was sent to the APPC in May 2005

Final report for download:
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong

This is a multi-stage research project commissioned by the Conference of Asian Foundations and Organizations (CAFO). In 2004, in cooperation with CAFO-HK, a research paper entitled "Social Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: Perspectives, Trends and Prospects" was compiled and presented at the Asian Social Entrepreneurship Forum organized by CAFO in February 2005 at Taipei City. After the successful conclusion of the Forum, three of the participating CAFO members including Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan proceeded to conduct a second round of studies to further examine the state of development of social enterprises in the three industrialized economies. The tri-city comparative study would conduct in-depth case studies on selected social enterprises and to give recommendations on public policies and future development directions. The research teams of the three cities plan to meet again in August 2006 and the research findings will be released as a CAFO publication.

NGO Management Local Case Studies

The Pun Kam Kai Institute of Management of the Faculty of Business and Economic is collaborating with the Centre in doing ten local NGO management and governance case studies. Three such cases are being carried out, and more will be conducted in the second half of 2006. These case studies will be essential to the teaching and research on NGO management.


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