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Want to know about my research, but don't want to read through tedious academic language. In this station, I review some of the topics of my research -- using colorful figures to organise the discussion.

Why read when you can listen? Featuring audio renditions of popular media articles and even entire briefs. Read in a slow way, using easy English language, these podcasts are sure to please in any country!

Listen to Infographic Instant wherever you are. Better than the dreary news and more enlightening alot of shows out there. Each episode represents the audio version of the infographics you know and love.

Philosophy of Infographic Instant: We believe in data. If we can't illustrate an argument with data, then we won't make that argument. If you are tired of random "experts" and their blah-blah, then my Infographic Instant channels and their spin-offs are for you! 



China/Global Big Law and I-Banks Study Playlist

We describe China's "Going Out" investment wave -- and look at the geographical distribution of law firms and financial advisers benefiting most from it.

Why Do Law Firms and I-Banks in IFCs Get So Much Business?                              4:14
Do Big Law and Bulge Bracket Banks Specialize to Win Mandates?                          6:15
What Factors Explain Why Certain Financial Centres Get all the Legal

     and Financial Mandates?                                                                                       5:49
How Have Smaller Advisors Adjusted to Global Law Firms and I-Banks?                6:45
Why Do Chinese Law Firms and I-Banks Do So Bad

     in the International M&A Trade?                                                                          6:42
How Important Are International Financial Centres and their Elite

     Advisers for Going Out Firms?                                                                              5:13
What Determines Companies' Choice of Law Firm and Investment

     Bank?                                                                                                                      6.36

Profiting from China's Solar Industry

How much can financial intermediaries earn from securitising Mainland solar assets and liabilities? In this playlist, we review some of the recent findings from our research.

How Much Solar Energy (and Panels) Does China Produce?                                  2:37
What is China's Solar Energy Value Chain - and How Much Money

     Can Banks Earn from It?                                                                                    13:09
What is the Geographical Link Between Money and Innovation?                           6:39
Why is Institutional Investment in China's Solar Industry So

     Widely Dispersed?                                                                                                 8:28
How Much Money Could Solar Industry Financial Advisors Earn

     in the Wider Asian Region?                                                                                  8:11
Why Will Some of China's Solar Companies Move Off-Shore?                                5:49
Does a Hong Kong Listing Affect China's Solar Company

     Share Valuations?                                                                                               3:44
Do "Better" Chinese Solar Companies List in Hong Kong?                                    4:05
Want to Buy Chinese Solar Shares? Go to Chicago                                                 5:14
Which countries' fund managers specialise in Chinese

     solar company investments?                                                                               5:44

Source: What Role Can an International Financial Centre's Law Play in the Development of a Sunrise Industry? The Case of Hong Kong and Solar Powered Investments

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