Patents and Patent Applications

Year of application
Method and Apparatus for Rapid Mixing of Highly
Viscous Fluids
Tiantian Kong, Zhou Liu, Ho Cheung Shum and Liqiu Wang
May 2015
Hypromellose-Graft-Chitosan And Methods Thereof For
Sustained Drug Delivery
Wing Fu Lai and Ho Cheung Shum
April 2015
Zhou Liu, San To Chan, Hammad Ali Faizi, and Ho Cheung Shum
November 2014
A semifluorinated alkane based cleaner for removing
emulsified droplets in the eye to reduce the complications
associated with the emulsification of silicone oil
Ho Cheung Anderson Shum, Sai Hung David Wong and Yau Kei Joseph Chan
November 2014
Osmotic drying of all-aqueous emulsions
Ho Cheung Shum, Qingming Ma
May 2014
Opthalmological rinsing agent and methods thereof
Ho Cheung Shum, Qingming Ma
May 2014
Core-shell capsules for encapsulation of particles, colloids,
and cells
Ho Cheung Shum, Sai Hung Wong and Yau Kei Chan
April 2014
Stabilized all-aqueous emulsions and methods of making and using therefor
Yang Song and Ho Cheung Shum
December 2013
Ophthalmological rinsing agent and method of use therefor
Ho Cheung Shum, Sai Hung Wong and Yau Kei Chan
May 2013
System and method for generation of emulsions with low
interfacial tension and measuring frequency vibrations in the
Ho Cheung Shum, Alban Sauret, Zida Li, Yang Song
March 2013
用于制备存在于气相中的液滴的设备和方法 (translated as:
Equipment and method for fabricating liquid marbles)
Ho Cheung Shum, Peter Yuanjun Liu
September 2012
System for generation of emulsions with low interfacial
Alban Sauret, Ho Cheung Shum
March 2012
Systems and methods for shell encapsulation
David A. Weitz, Ho Cheung Shum, Yuanjin Zhao, Bingjie Sun, Christian Holtze
August 2011
Melt emulsification
Ho Cheung Shum, Bingjie Sun, Christian Holtze, David A. Weitz
March 2010
Systems and methods involving calcium phosphate based
Ho Cheung Shum, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose, David A. Weitz
June 2010
Polymersomes, phospholipids and other species associated with fluidic droplets
Daeyeon Lee, Jin-Woong Kim, Ho Cheung Shum, David A. Weitz and Insun Yoon
November 2010
Emulsions and techniques for formation
Liang-Yin Chu, Ho Cheung Shum, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Andrew Utada, Enric Santanach Carreras, David A. Weitz