Journal Papers


1. "Controlled Actuation of Liquid Marbles on a Dielectric"
  • by Xiangyu Fu, Yage Zhang, Hao Yuan, Bernard P. Binks, and Ho Cheung Shum*
    ACS Applied Materials and Interface (Accepted),
2. "All‐Aqueous Emulsions: Generation of High‐Order All‐Aqueous Emulsion Drops by Osmosis‐Driven Phase Separation"
  • by Youchuang Chao, Sze Yi Mak, Shakurur Rahman, Shipei Zhu, and Ho Cheung Shum*
    Small (Accepted),
3. "Dynamic regimes of electrified liquid filaments"
  • by Tiantian Kong*, Howard A. Stone*, Liqiu Wang, and Ho Cheung Shum*
    PNAS (Accepted),
4. "Budding-like division of all-aqueous emulsion droplets modulated by networks of protein nanofibrils"
  • by Yang Song, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Qingming Ma, Zhou Liu, Hao Yuan, Shuichi Takayama, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, and Ho Cheung Shum*
    Nature Communications (Accepted)
5. "Droplet Formation by Rupture of Vibration-Induced Interfacial Fingers"
  • by Sze Yi Mak, Youchuang Chao, Shakurur Rahman, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Langmuir, 2018, 34 (3), pp 926–932
6. "Partitioning-dependent conversion of polyelectrolyte assemblies in an aqueous two-phase system"
  • by Qingming Ma, Hao Yuan, Yang Song, Youchuang Chao, Sze Yi Mak and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Soft Matter, Issue 9, 2018
7. "Emergence of Droplets at the Nonequilibrium All-Aqueous Interface in a Vertical Hele-Shaw Cell"
  • by Youchuang Chao, Sze Yi Mak, Qingming Ma, Jing Wu, Zijing Ding, Lei Xu, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Langmuir, 2018, 34 (9), pp 3030–3036
8. "Rap1 deficiency-provoked paracrine dysfunction impairs immunosuppressive potency of mesenchymal stem cells in allograft rejection of heart transplantation"
  • by Yue Ding, Xiaoting Liang, Yuelin Zhang, Li Yi, Ho Cheung Shum, Qiulan Chen, Barbara P. Chan, Huimin Fan, Zhongmin Liu, Vinay Tergaonkar, Zhongquan Qi, Hung-fat Tse and Qizhou Lian
    Cell Death and Disease volume 9, Article number: 386 (2018),


1. "Modeling Ovarian Cancer Multicellular Spheroid Behavior in a Dynamic 3D Peritoneal Microdevice"
  • by Li Shan Shan, Carman K.M.Ip, Matthew Y.H. Tang, Samuel K.H.Sy,    Susan Yung, Tak-Mao Chan, Mengsu Yang, Ho Cheung Shum, Alice S.T. Wong
Journal of Visualized Experiments, DOI: 10.3791/55337
2. "Microfluidic Imaging Flow Cytometry by Asymmetric-detection Time-stretch Optical Microscopy (ATOM)."
  • by Tang AHL, Lai QTK, Chung BMF, Lee KCM, Mok ATY, Yip GK, Shum AHC, Wong KKY, Tsia KK,
    Journal of Visualized Experiments, 28 Jun 2017(124)
3. "Controlled Electrospray Generation of Nonspherical Alginate Microparticles"
  • by Morteza Jeyhani, Sze Yi Mak, Stephen Sammut, Ho Cheung Shum*, Dae Kun Hwang, Scott S. H. Tsai,
4. "A perfluorobutylpentane (F4H5)‐based solution for the removal of residual emulsified silicone oil"
  • by Yau Kei Chan, Ho Ching Cheng, Jing Wu, Yuk Heng Matthew Tang, San To Chan, David Wong and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Acta Ophthalmologica, 2017


1. The dripping-to-jetting transition in a co-axial flow of aqueous two-phase systems with low interfacial tension
  • by Sze Yi Mak, Youchuang Chao, and Ho Cheung Shum*, RSC Advances (Accepted)
2. In vitro experiment to elucidate the mechanism of the "soft shell technique" for preventing subretinal migration of Perfluoro-octane
  • by Yau Kei Chan, Yongjie Lu, Gabriela Czanner, Jing Wu, Ho Ching Cheng, Rumana Hussain, Taiji Sakamoto, Ho Cheung Shum, and David Wong*, British Journal of Ophthalmology (Accepted)
Figure 1 3. "Fabrication of fibrillosomes from fibrillosomes from droplets stabilized by protein nanofibrils at all-aqueous interfaces"
  • by Yang Song, Ulyana Shimanovich, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Qingming Ma, Jingmei Li, Tuomas P.J. Knowles*, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Nature Communications, 7, 12934
4. "One-step immunoassay of C-reactive protein using droplet microfluidics"
  • by Matthew Y.H. Tang, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Lab on a Chip, 16, 4359
  • Invited to be featured in the 2016 Lab on a Chip Emerging Investigators issue, which "celebrates the most promising and brightest amongst early career miniaturisation scientists around the world".
image 5. "Towards better characterizaton and quantification of emulsification of silicone oil in vitro"
  • by Yau Kei Chan, Gabriela Czanner, Ho Cheung Shum, Rachel L. Williams, Ning Cheung, and David Wong*,
    Acta Ophthalmologica,
image   6. "Phase separation-induced formation of Janus droplets based on aqueous two-phase systems"
  • by Hao Yuan, Qingming Ma, Yang Song, Matthew YH Tang, Yau Kei Chan, and Ho Cheung Shum*,Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Early View
7. "The transformation dynamics towards equilibrium in non-equilibrium w/w/o double emulsions"
  • by Youchuang Chao, Sze Yi Mak, and Ho Cheung Shum*,Applied Physics Letter, 109, 181601
8. "Affinity Partitioning-Induced Self-Assembly in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems: Templating for Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules"
  • by Qingming Ma, Yang Song, Jin Woong Kim, Hong Sung Choi, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    ACS Macro Letters, 5, 666-670
9. "Coalescence of Electrically Charged Liquid Marbles"
  • by Zhou Liu, Xiangyu Fu, Bernard P. Binks, and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Soft Matter
    , DOI: 10.1039/C6SM00883F
  • Invited to be featured in the 2017 Soft Matter Emerging Investigators issue.
10. "Drag Reduction by Bubble-Covered Surfaces Found in PDMS Microchannel through Depressurization"
  • by Yang Gao, Jiang Li, Ho Cheung Shum, and Haosheng Chen*,
    Langmuir, 32(19), 4815-4819
11. "Stemness and chemoresistance in epithelial ovarian carcinoma cells under shear stress"
  • by Carman K.M. Ip, Shan-Shan Li, Matthew Y.H. Tang, Samuel K.H. Sy, Yong Ren, Ho Cheung Shum*, and Alice S.T. Wong*, Scientific Reports, 6 Article number: 26788
12. "Optofluidic Time-stretch Imaging - an Emerging Tool for High-Throughput Imaging Flow Cytometry"
  • by Andy K. S. Lau,Ho Cheung Shum, Kenneth K. Y. Wong, and Kevin K. Tsia*,
    Lab on a Chip,
    16, 1743

13. "Interfacial Fast Release Layer in Monodisperse Poly (Lactic-Co-
Glycolic Acid) Microspheres Accelerates the Drug Release"

  • by Jun Wu, Xiaoli Zhao, Ho Cheung Shum,Kelvin W.K. Yeung and
    Michael KT To*,
    Current Drug Delivery, Accepted

14. " Stimuli-responsive nanoparticulate system using poly(ethylenimine)-graft-polysorbate for controlled protein release "

  • by Wing-Fu Lai* and Ho Cheung Shum*.
    Nanoscale,  8, 517


1. "Osmo-solidification of all-aqueous emulsion with enhanced
reservation of protein activity"

  • by Qingming Ma, Yang Song, Grit Baier, Christian Holtze and Ho
    Cheung Shum*,
    Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4, 1213 (2016)
  • Selected as a Frontcover paper
  • Selected as a 2016 HOT Paper

2. "Rapid mixing of viscous liquids by electrical coiling"

  • by Tiantian Kong, Jingmei Li, Zhou Liu, Zhuolong Zhou, Peter Hon Yu Ng, Liqiu Wang* and Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Scientific Reports, 6, 19606 (2016)

3. "Mechanical compression to characterize the robustness of liquid

  • by Zhou Liu, Xiangyu Fu, Bernard P. Binks and Ho Cheung Shum*, 
    Langmuir, Article ASAP

4. "Shielding the electric field to prevent coalescence of emulsions in
microfluidic channels using a 3D metallic coil

  • by Jingmei Li, Zhou Liu, Haibo Huang and Ho Cheung Shum*, 
    Micromachines, 6, 1459

5. "Dynamics of oppositely charged emulsion droplets "

  • by Zhou Liu, Hans M. Wyss, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves and Ho Cheung
    Physics of Fluids, 27, 082003

6. "All-aqueous Electrosprayed-Emulsion for Templated Fabrication of
Cytocompatible Microcapsules

  • by Yang Song, Yau Kei Chan, Qingming Ma, Zhou Liu and Ho Cheung
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7 (25), 13925 PDF

7. "Monodisperse Emulsion Drop Microenvironments for Bacterial Biofilm Growth"

  • by Connie B. Chang, James N. Wilking, Shin-Hyun Kim, Ho Cheung
    Shum and David A. Weitz*, 
    Small, Early View

8. "Perturbation-induced droplets (PiD) for manipulating droplet structure and configuration in microfluidics"

9. "Hypromellose-graft-chitosan and its polyelectrolyte complex as novel systems for sustained drug delivery"

  • by Wing-Fu Lai and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7 (19), 10501 PDF

10. "In vitro Modeling of Emulsification of Silicone Oil as Intraocular
Tamponade Using Microengineered Eye-on-a-Chip

  • by Yau Kei Chan, Kwun Hei Samuel Sy, Chun Yu Wong, Ping Kwan Man, David Sai Hung Wong and  Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, 56, 3314

11. "Suppressing folding of flowing viscous jets using electric field"

  • by Tiantian Kong, Zhou Liu, Liqiu Wang and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Physical Review Applied 3, 034010

12. "Droplet-based electro-coalescence for probing threshold disjoining

  • by Zhou Liu, San To Chan, Hammad Ali Faizi, Robert C. Roberts and 
    Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Lab on a Chip 15, 2018 PDF

13. "A low-molecular-weight-oil cleaner for removal of leftover silicone oil intraocular tamponade"

  • by Yau Kei Chan, Hiu Kwan Yeung, Ping Kwan Man, David Sai Hung Wong and  Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 56, 1014



1. "Multiphase Protein Microgels "

  • by Ulyana Shimanovich, Yang Song, Jasna Brujic, Ho Cheung Shum 
    and Tuomas P.J. Knowles. 
    Macromolecular Bioscience 15, 501

2. "3D printing-based electro-millifluidic devices for fabricating multi-
compartment particles

  • by Qiu Lan Chen, Zhou Liu and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Biomicrofluidics 8, 064112 PDF

3. "Musical Interfaces: Visualization and Reconstruction of Music with a
Microfluidic Two-Phase Flow

  • by Sze Yi Mak, Zida Li, Arnaud Frere, Tat Chuen Chan and Ho Cheung
    Scientific Reports, 4:6675, DOI: 10.1038/srep06675

4. "Breakup dynamics and dripping-to-jetting transition in a Newtonian/
shear-thinning multiphase microsystem

  • by Yong Ren*, Zhou Liu and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Lab on a Chip 15, 121 PDF

5. "Interferometric time-stretch microscopy for ultrafast quantitative
cellular and tissue imaging at 1 μm

  • by Andy K.S. Lau, Terence T.W. Wong, Kenneth K.Y. Ho, Matthew T.H.
    Tang, Antony C.S. Chan, Xiaoming Wei, Edmund Y. Lam, Ho Cheung
    Shum, Kenneth K.Y. Wong, Kevin K. Tsia*. 
    Journal of Biomedical Optics 19(7),076001

6. "Double Emulsion Templated Solid Microcapsules: Mechanics And
Controlled Release

  • by Sujit S Datta, Alireza Abbaspourrad, Esther Amstad, Jing Fan, Shin‐
    Hyun Kim, Mark Romanowsky, Ho Cheung Shum, Bingjie Sun, Andrew S
    Utada, Maike Windbergs, Shaobing Zhou, David A Weitz*. 
    Advanced Materials 26(14), 2205

7. "Asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (ATOM) for
ultrafast high-contrast cellular imaging in flow

  • by Terence T. W. Wong, Andy K. S. LAU, Kenneth K. Y. Ho, Matthew Y. H.
    Tang, Joseph D. F. Robles, Xiaoming Wei, Antony C. S. Chan, Anson H. L. Tang, Edmund Y. Lam, Kenneth K. Y. Wong, Godfrey C. F. Chan, Ho
    Cheung Shum, and Kevin K. Tsia*. 
    Scientific Reports 4, 3656

8. "Syringe-pump-induced fluctuation in all-aqueous microfluidic system – implications for flow rate accuracy"

  • by Zida Li, Alban Sauret, Sze Yi Mak, and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Lab on a Chip, 14, 744 PDF 

9. "Capillary Micromechanics for Core-Shell Particles"

  • by Tiantian Kong, L.Q. Wang, Hans M. Wyss, and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Soft Matter 10,  3271



1. "Silver nanoparticles alter proteoglycan expression in the promotion of tendon repair"

  • by Karen H.L. Kwan, Kelvin W.K. Yeung, Xuelai Liu, Kenneth K.Y.Wong, Ho Cheung Shum, Yun Wah Lam, Shuk Han Cheng, Kenneth M.C.Cheung, and Michael K.T.To*. 
    Journal of Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine

2. "Microfluidic Fabrication of Vesicles"

  • by Ho Cheung Shum*, Julian Thiele and Shin-Hyun Kim. 
    Advances in Transport Phenomena 2011 PDF

3. "All-aqueous Multiphase Microfluidics

  • by Yang Song, Alban Sauret and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Biomicrofluidics, 7, 061301 PDF

4. Engineering polymeric composite particles by emulsion-templating:
Thermodynamics versus kinetics

  • by Tiantian Kong, Zhou Liu, Yang Song, Liqiu Wang* and Ho Cheung
    Soft Matter, 9, 9780-9784 PDF

5. Microfluidic Fabrication of Polymeric Core-shell Microspheres for
Controlled Release Applications

  • by T.T. Kong, J. Wu, K.W.K. Yeung, M.K.T. To*, H.C. Shum*, and L.Q.
    Biomicrofluidics, 7, 044128 PDF 

6. Fabrication of uniform multi-compartment particles using microfluidic electrospray technology for cell co-culture studies

  • by Zhou Liu, and Ho Cheung Shum*. Biomicrofluidics, 7, 044117 PDF

7. Fabrication of Ceramic Microspheres by Diffusion-Induced Sol-Gel
Reaction in Double Emulsions

  • by Lei Zhang, Shaochang Hao, Bing Liu, Ho Cheung Shum, Jiang Li and Haosheng Chen. 
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5(22), 11489

8. A millifluidic approach for continuous generation of liquid marbles

  • by Yuanjun Liu, Charles Hugentobler, and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Journal of Colloid Science and Biotechnology, 2(4), 350 

9. "Fabrication and characterization of monodisperse PLGA-alginate core-shell microspheres with monodisperse size and homogeneous shells
for controlled drug release

  • by Jun Wu, Tiantian Kong, Kelvin Wai Kwok Yeung, Ho Cheung Shum,
    Kenneth Man Chee Cheung, Liqiu Wang, Michael Kai Tsun To*. 
    Acta Biomaterialia, 9(7), 7410 

10. Manipulation of viscous all-aqueous jets by electrical charging

  • by Yang Song, Zhou Liu, Tiantian Kong and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Chemical Communications, 49, 1726 PDF 

11. Bioinspired Multifunctional Janus Particles for Droplet Manipulation

  • by Yuanjin Zhao*, Hongcheng Gu, Zhuoying Xie, Ho Cheung Shum*,
    Baoping Wang, and Zhongze Gu*, 
    Journal of the American Chemical Society,135(1), 54

12. "Fabrication and manipulation of polymeric magnetic particles with
magnetorheological fluid

  • by Jaime Rodriguez-Lopez, Ho Cheung Shum*, Elvira Segura Luis, Montero de Espinosa Freijo Francisco and David A. Weitz*. 
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 326, 220



1. “Modulating drug release kinetics of PLGA microspheres by
fabricating PLGA-alginate core-shell drug delivery devices with
microfluidic method” 

  • J. Wu, T.T. Kong, M.K.T. To, A. Shum, L.Q. Wang and K.W.K. Yeung.
    Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 6, SI(1), 327
2. "Emulsion Templating of Poly(lactic acid) Particles: Droplet Formation Behaviour"
  • by Goran T. Vladisavljevic, Wynter Joia Duncanson, Ho Cheung Shum and David A. Weitz*. 
    Langmuir, 28, 36, 12948 PDF
3. "Monodisperse w/w/w double emulsion induced by phase separation"
  • by Yang Song and Ho Cheung Shum*. Langmuir, 28, 33, 12054 PDF 
4. "Single step emulsification for the generation of multi-component double emulsions"
  • by L. L. A. Adams, Thomas E. Kodger, Shin-Hyun Kim, Ho Cheng Shum, 
    Thomas Franke and David A. Weitz*. 
    Soft Matter, Advanced Article 
5. "Droplet based microfluidic fabrication of designer microparticles for
encapsulation applications"

  • by Tiantian Kong, Jun Wu, Michael To, Kelvin Wai Kwok Yeung, Ho Cheung Shum* and Liqiu Wang*. 
    Biomicrofluidics, 6, 034104 PDF
6. “Fluctuation-induced dynamics of multiphase liquid jets with ultra-low interfacial tension"
  • by Alban Sauret, Constantinos Spandagos, and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Lab on a Chip, 12, 3380 PDF
7. “Monodisperse Gas-filled Microparticles from Reactions in Double

  • by Wynter Joia Duncanson, Alireza Abbaspourrad, Ho Cheung Shum,
    Shin-Hyun Kim, Laura Lavada Ann Adams, and David A Weitz*. 
    Langmuir, 28, 17, 6742
8. “Beating the jetting regime"
  • by Alban Sauret, and Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, 13, 5, 351 PDF
9. “Forced generation of simple and double emulsions in all-aqueous

10. “Control over the shell thickness of core/shell drops in three-phase
glass capillary devices”
  • by Goran T. Vladisavljevic, Ho Cheung Shum, and David A. Weitz*.
    Progress in Polymer and Colloid Science, 139, VIII, 120,  115
11.“Fabrication of biodegradable poly(lactic acid) particles in flow-
focusing glass capillary devices”

  • by G.T. Vladisavljevic, J.V. Henry, W.J.Duncanson, H.C. Shum, and D.A. Weitz*. 
    Progress in Polymer and Colloid Science, 139, VIII, 120,  111
12. "Microfluidic fabrication of water-in-water (w-w) jets and emulsions"



1. "Enhanced encapsulation of actives in self-sealing microcapsules by
precipitation in capsule shells

  • Yuanjin Zhao, Ho Cheung Shum*, Laura L.A. Adams, Bingjie Sun, Christian Holtze, Zhongze Gu* and David A. Weitz*. 
    Langmuir, 27 (23),  13988–13991 PDF

2. "Multiple polymersomes for programmed release of multiple

  • Shin-Hyun Kim, Ho Cheung Shum, Jin Woong Kim, Jun-Cheol Cho and
    David A. Weitz*. 
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (38), 15165-15171

3. "Multicompartment polymersome gel for encapsulation"

  • Ho Cheung Shum*, David A. Weitz*. Soft Matter, 7 (19) 8762-8765 PDF
4. "Tunable morphology of monodisperse polymer particles with
  • Baoguo Wang, David A. Weitz, Ho Cheung Shum*. 
    Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Nanochannels,
    Microchannels, and Minichannels 2011, ICNMM2011 - 58119 PDF
5. "Colloido-polymersomes: capsules consisting of a composite layer of
particles and polymer" 

  • Ho Cheung Shum*.
    Nanotechnology 2011- Technical Proceedings of the 2011 NSTI
    Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2011, 3, 147-150 
6. "Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of
nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryer
  • J. Thiele, M. Windbergs, A. R. Abate, M. Trebbin, H.C. Shum, S. Förster,
    D. A. Weitz, Lab on a Chip, 11, 2362-2368 PDF
7. "Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode
  • Yuanjin Zhao, Ho Cheung Shum*, Haosheng Chen, Laura L. A. Adams,
    Zhongze Gu*, David A. Weitz*, 
    Journal of the American Chemical Society,133 (23), 8790-8793 PDF
  • Featured in Research Highlights, "Nanomaterials: Drip, drop, quantum dot"
    of Nature China, doi:10.1038/nchina.2011.44
8. "Dewetting-induced membrane formation by adhesion of amphiphile-
laden interfaces
  • HoCheung Shum, Enric Santanach-Carreras, jin-Woong Kim, Allen
    Ehrlicher, Jerome Bibette, and David A. Weitz, 
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133 (12), 4420-4426 PDF
9. "Breakup of double emulsions in constrictions"
  • Haosheng Chen, Jiang Li, Ho Cheung Shum, Howard A. Stone and David A. Weitz, Soft Matter, 7, 2345-2347 PDF

10. "Multicompartment polymersomes from double emulsions"

11. Hierarchical porous materials made by drying complex suspensions

  • Andre R. Studart, Julia Studer, Lei Xu, Kisun Yoon, Ho Cheung Shum, and David A. Weitz, 
    Langmuir, 27(3), 955-964 PDF



1. Controlled buckling and crumpling of nanoparticle-coated droplets"
  • Sujit S. Datta, Ho Cheung Shum, and David A. Weitz, 
    Langmuir, 26(24), 18612-18616 PDF
2. Microfluidic melt emulsification for encapsulation and release of
  • Bing Jie Sun, Ho Cheung Shum, Christian Holtze, and David A. Weitz, 
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2 (12), 3411-3416 PDF
3. Gel-Immobilized colloidal crystal shell with high thermal sensitivity
  • Toshimitsu Kanai, Daeyeon Lee, Ho Cheung Shum, Rhutesh K. Shah,and
    David A. Weitz, 
    Advanced Materials 22(44), 4998-5002 PDF
4. Corrugated interfaces in multiphase core-annular flow
  • Ho Cheung Shum, Alban Sauret, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Howard A.
    Stone and David A. Weitz, 
    Physics of Fluids 22(8), 082002 PDF
5. Fabrication of polymersomes using double emulsion templates in
glass-coated stamped microfluidic devices
  • Julian Thiele, Adam R. Abate, Ho Cheung Shum, Simone Bachtler, Stephan Forster, David A. Weitz, 
    Small 6(16), 1723-1727 PDF
6. Fabrication of tunable spherical colloidal crystals immobilized in soft
  • Toshimitsu Kanai, Daeyeon Lee, Ho Cheung Shum, David A. Weitz, 
    Small 6(7), 807-810 PDF
7. Droplet microfluidics for fabrication of non-spherical particles
  • Ho Cheung Shum, Adam R. Abate, Daeyeon Lee, Andre´ R. Studart,
    Baoguo Wang, Chia-Hung Chen, Julian Thiele, Rhutesh K. Shah, Amber
    Krummel, David A. Weitz, 
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 31, 108-118 PDF



1. Double emulsion droplets as microreactors for synthesis of
mesoporous hydroxyapatite

  • Ho Cheung Shum, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose and David A.
    Chemistry of Materials 21(22), 5548–5555 (2009) PDF
2. Fabrication of monodisperse toroidal particles by polymer
solidification in microfluidics
  • Baoguo Wang, Ho Cheung Shum, David A. Weitz, 
    ChemPhysChem 10, 641-645 PDF
3. Arrested coalescence of particle-coated droplets into non-spherical
supracolloidal structures
  • Andre Studart, Ho Cheung Shum, David Weitz, 
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113, 3914-3919 PDF



1. Orientational order of molecular assemblies on rough surfaces
  • H.C. Schniepp, H.C. Shum, D.A. Saville and I.A. Aksay,  
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 14902-14906 PDF
2. Double emulsion template monodisperse phospholipid vesicles
  • Ho Cheung Shum, Daeyeon Lee, Insun Yoon, Tom Kodger, and David A.
    Langmuir 24, 7651-7653 PDF
3. Microfluidic fabrication of monodisperse biocompatible and
biodegradable polymersomes with controlled permeability
  • Ho Cheung Shum, Jin-Woong Kim and David A. Weitz, 
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 130, 9543-9549 PDF
4. Colloid surfactants for emulsion stabilization
  • Jin-Woong Kim, Daeyeon Lee, Ho Cheung Shum and David A. Weitz, 
    Advanced Materials 20, 3239-3243 PDF
5. Designer emulsions using microfluidics
  • Rhutesh K. Shah, Ho Cheung Shum, Amy C. Rowat, Daeyeon Lee, Jeremy J. Agresti, Andrew S. Utada, Liang-Yin Chu, Jin-Woong Kim, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Carlos J. Martinez and David A. Weitz. 
    Materials Today 11(4), 18-27 PDF



1. Surfactant aggregates at rough solid-liquid interfaces
  • H.C. Schniepp, H.C. Shum, D.A. Saville, I.A. Aksay. 
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 111, 8707-8712