Honorary Research Fellows


Dr. Cave, Peter (Department of Japanese) [see in detail]

(i) education, selfhood, cognition, popular culture

(ii) educational reform; development of selfhood through education; literature in education; history education; maths education; extra-curricular education

(iii) Japan, Britain


Dr. Dixon WONG Heung Wah  (Japanese Department)


(i) Anthropology of Work, Anthropology and History

(ii) Anthropological Study of Japanese companies, History of Consumer Culture in Hong Kong, Colonialism

(iii) Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan


1999, Japanese Bosses, Chinese Workers: Power and Control in a Hong Kong Megastore, Hawaii and Surrey: University of Hawaii Press and Curzon Press


Dr. Evans, Grant (Dept Sociology).


1.Anthropology of Asia; Psychological Anthropology

2. Laos and the anthropology of Tai/Thai peoples.

3.Ethnic minorities in Mainland SE Asia and southern China.


Hong Kong: The Anthropology of a Chinese Metropolis, Edited with Maria Tam (1997)

Asia¡¦s Cultural Mosaic: An Introduction to the Anthropology of Asia, Prentice Hall, 1993

Laos: Culture & Society, Editor (1999).


Dr. Hutton, Christopher (Dept of English)


(i) language and linguistics;

(ii) sociolinguistics, linguistic and racial identities, swearing and bad language;

(iii) Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany


2002 The language myth and the race myth: twin evils of modern identity politics? In ed. Roy Harris, The Language Myth in Western Culture, London: Curzon, pp. 118-138.

2000 Cross-border Categories: Ethnic Chinese and the Sino-Vietnamese Border at Mong Cai. In eds. G. Evans, C. Hutton, and K.E. Kuah, Where China meets Southeast Asia, pp. 254-276. Singapore:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

1999 Linguistics and the Third Reich. Mother-tongue fascism, race and the science of language. London & New York: Routledge, 416 pp.


Dr. Kuah-Pearce Khun Eng (Dept of Sociology) [see in detail]


(i) Urban and Social Anthropology

(ii) Social Anthropology of Emigrant Village (qiaoxiang) study; Chinese

transnationalism and social capital and networks; religion, politics and

identity; globalisation and anti-globalisation movements

(iii) South China, Hong Kong, Singapore


Dr. Postiglione, Gerry (Dept of Education) [see in detail]


1 Ethnicity and Education in China

2 Hong Kong Culture and Society

3 Culture, Schooling and Society


Dr. Refsing, Kirsten (Dept of Japanese)

Research areas: Ainu language and culture

Present research project: The Anglican Missionaries in 19th Century Japan

(historical/anthropological/linguistic study of the dissemination of Christianity in Japan)


The Ainu Library 3: Travelogues and General Descriptions, Vol. 1-5, Curzon

Press 2000.

¡¥Lost Aryans: John Batchelor and the Colonization of the Ainu Language¡¦ in

Interventions, 2000, Vol. 2 (1), 21-34

The Ainu Library 4: Religion and Folklore, Vol. 1-5, CurzonRoutledge, 2002.


Dr. Satohiro Serizawa (Dept. of Japanese Studies)


(i) urban anthropology, anthropology of Chinese society

(ii) charity activity, religion and ethnicity, popular culture

(iii) Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan


Dr. Thorne, John F.  (Dept. of Sociology):


(i) ethnicity, national minorities, and social change;

(ii) ethnohistory¡¦, biography, ethnographic film-making;

(iii) Taiwan, Southwest China, Afghanistan


Dr. Tsung-Rong Edwin YANG (Centre of Asian Studies)


(i) Historical Anthropology, Ethnic Relations, Identity

(ii) Violence and Ethnicity, Transnational Migration, Diaspora, Nation-building and Identity

(iii) Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan


History of Violence, Ethnic Relationship and Political Change: Power Shifting and Anti-Chinese Riot in Indonesian Modern History, Journal of the South Seas Society, 54: 5-21. (Singapore, 1999)

A Short History of Anti-Chinese Riots in Indonesia, 1941-1998¨Perspectives on the Chinese Indonesians. Michael R. Godley and Grayson J. Lloyd ed.  Pp. 41-54. (Sydney: Crawford House Publishing, 2001)

¡§Hometown is Fatherland: Nanyang Chinese Searching for New Identity in Malaya and Indonesia, 1945-1949¨(Symposium of The Fourth International Chinese Overseas Conference. (Taipei: Academica Sinica, forthcoming)


Dr. Wang Aihe (Department of Chinese)


i. Historical anthropology, political anthropology, religion

ii. Past and present research: cosmology, religion, ritual, kingship, state and empire formation, ethnic minorities in China

iii. China, international networks of Chinese cultural community


Cosmology and Political Culture in Early China, Cambridge University Press, 2000

¡§Chuantong wenhua, xiandaixing, yu shehui kexue lilun [Traditional Culture, Modernity, and Social Science Theory],¡¨ in The 21st Century: Cultural Consciousness and Cross-cultural Communication, eds. Ma Rong and Zhou Xing ,Peking University Press, Beijing, 2001, pp. 302-317.

¡¨Antiquity, Modernity, and Social Theory,¡¨ Journal of East Asian Archaeology, vol. 2, nos. 1-2, (Festschrift in honor of K. C. Chang), pp. 363-381, 2000