Other solids
Educational Software developed by ITERC

A collection of 3D figures in the homepage of Mathematics Department of St. Mary's Canossian College:
Various models made with Cabri 3D
Swimming Pool
Folding a piece of triangular paper
An example in surveying; finding height of object from angles of elevation, the general case. (This is a Cabri 3D v2 file, with measurement of angles and segments).

Applets from the Web
Spatial Reasoning through manipulation of unit cubes and other virtual solids
NCTM lessons using cubes and isometric drawing.
Part 1  Exploring isometric drawing tool
Part 2  Solid to isometric -- One to many
Part 3  Other 2D representations -- Front-Right-Top
Part 4  Volume and surface area, finding patterns
The lessons make use of an interactive tool for isometric drawing and rotating corresponding solids built from cubes.
'Geometry in 3 dimensions' in MathsNet contains links to selected applets in Wisweb, which are exercises or puzzles requiring users rotate objects and explore different views. (see applets marked with "W")
'building houses 1' is one of such applets, allowing users to build solids with cubes, rotate and check its various views