ICT Reference
These are links to sites that support and promote use of ICT by Math teachers.

VTC - Mathematics - A Pupil's Entitlement  
You may download these concise and useful guides for teachers, one for primary and one for secondary math
Integrating ICT into Mathematics in Key Stage 3, a pdf document available at The Standards Site.
Extracts from this document:
Opportunities for exploiting the power of ICT
Learning from feedback
Observing patterns
Seeing connections
Working with dynamic images
Exploring data
‘Teaching’ the computer
Good direct teaching with ICT
If pupils are to gain maximum benefits from using ICT in mathematics, teachers need to be aware of the following.
Practical activities and work with pencil and paper ...
Pupils can use ICT to generate large amounts of data.
Pupils can use ICT unthinkingly, ...
Feedback provided by ICT can lead pupils to make generalisations ...
Dynamic Geometry

Teaching Mathematics with ICT from The Mathematical Association
There is a link to the document "Using ICT & Mathematics: a guide to Learning & Teaching Mathematics 11-19":

ICT Advice for Teachers, from the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta):
Secondary Mathematics;
Primary Mathematics  

Internet Resources for the classroom, compiled by the iCT Training Centre of Oundle School

Technology in Math Education in the Math Forum

Center for Technology and Teacher Education