Cabri 3D
Cabri 3D is a new interactive solid geometry software, evaluation version is available; construct and manipulate 3D figures
Learn more about Cabri 3D from these sites:
Here are some sample Cabri 3D files (.cg3) and html files embedding the 3d dynamic figures (can be opened with your browser after installing the evaluation version of Cabri 3D).
How to make a swimming pool
The following steps describe the construction of a swimming pool model with cross sections in two directions. Click here to see the finished construction.
step 1: make a xyz box
step 2: add a vertical segment
step 3: add a new point on the segment
step 4: make an inclined plane
step 5: cut the box by the inclined plane
step 6: mask the cutting plane and turn the box surface to empty (right click the objects)
step 7: add a segment and point to define a cross section
step 8: add a perpendicular plane
step 9: add intersections of the plane and other edges of the box
step 10: make the cross section