Basic Techniques
Create table of values (e.g. for studying sequences or functions).
Copy and Paste Formulas in a range of cells; Use Relative and Absolute References

[2] Basic Chart Making and Formatting
General tips in graphing: choosing chart types, modifying scales, gridlines, etc (simply for better appearance or, more important, to facilitate graph reading and interpretation). Scatter Graph is the basic tool for graphing functions or free plotting (as an electronic graph broad). The last 2 demos demonstrate the dynamic nature of the graphs.

Create Chart with ChartWizard
Basic Chart Formatting with Toolbar
Change Chart Types and Chart Options
More Chart Types
Create XY (Scatter) Graph
Format XY (Scatter) Graph
Modify Axes, Gridlines and Scales
[2.8] Manipulate Data by Dragging Graph Elements in
Bar and Pie Chart
XY (Scatter) Graph
[2.9] Automatic Re-scaling of Axes in
XY (Scatter) Graph
Bar Chart