Sample Spreadsheet Files
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Overview of various uses of spreadsheets

More examples on the use of tables, such as study of trends and patterns; understanding and exploring an arclength formula; trial and improvement methods in solving simultaneous equations.

Display different types of statistical graphs based on the same set of data. These can be easily obtained by changing the chart type, but some may not be useful. Take two of these graphs and compare, find out the difference in which they present the data and facilitate our analysis.

Basic summary statistics are calculated for two similar sets of data. Change individual values and observe the effects on the whole set of statistics.

Graphs of functions (linear & quadratic in this example) are scatter plots of ordered pairs prepared in a table. Scale and gridlines can be adjusted by setting chart options. Parameters can be varied while studying a family of functions.

By putting points in pre-formatted graphs and tables, we investigate and discuss about relations connecting coordinates of points on a straight line.

Geometric shapes and their transformation are studied when vertices are plotted in a connected scatter graph.

A collection of problems requiring equation solving or optimization by trial and improvement. Formulate relations among the variables identified. Search the best solution from table or graph.

Elaboration of one of the problems: minimize surface area of a cylindrical can.
Solving equations by setting up tables and narrowing intervals with possible roots

Arithmetic, geometric and some other sequences. Some are illustrated with graphs. Variation on a  sequence can be studies when parameters are changed, such as initial values, common ratio, etc.

Collection of activities suggested in Richard English's article:
Introducing Spreadsheets in Mathematics in Teaching, Learning and Mathematics with I.T. (p.44-46)

[13] These are sample files used in some demonstrations in the following pages.