Sample GSP Files
This page contains sample files created with The Geometer's Sketchpad, using mainly lines and circles (straightedge and compass) construction and tools from the 'Construct' menu (such as parallel/perpendicular lines, midpoints, bisectors). See next page for the explanation and demonstration of such techniques.
Some constructions may also make use of the tools from the 'Transform' menu, usually as alternative means. See another page for more examples of such tools.
Viewlets are provided to demonstrate some constructions in the corresponding sample files.

Construct different types of polygons
Triangle Centers: centroid, circumcenter, incenter, orthocenter, nine-point center
Identify different types of triangles by drag and check
Definition of radian; explore ratio of arc length to radius
Compare 2 numbers on a number line; explore the effect of multiplying a positive or negative factor
Angle at center is twice the angle at circumference subtended by the same arc
Angles in the same/alternate segment