Basic Constructions
This page contains examples of basic constructions in C.a.R.

Introduce the interface and simple constructions of points, lines and circles.
Open this applet and try it yourself.
Use the given tools for drawing points, lines, rays, segments or circles.

Use the 'move tool' (blue arrow) to move points or simply drag points while pressing the right mouse button.

Use the 'left arrow' to delete last drawn objects.
Simple construction (line reflection and a kite) with circle tool; hide and show objects.
Use only the circle (compass) tool to make a rhombus.
Another way to make a rhombus; use circle and parallel lines.
Construct angle bisector; the compass and straightedge method.
Create macro to construct angle bisector; there is no built-in tool for this.
Load and run macros.
Construct 2 perpendicular bisectors of a triangle and track their intersection; make a locus.
Mark and measure angles.
Regular Pentagon by compass and straightedge construction
Regular Pentagon by rotating vertices.
Regular Pentagon by transforming coordinates.