In this set of examples, we consider different ways to create a rhombus.
Method 1: using the circle and parallel lines tools
Step 1: make a segment AB
Step 2: make a circle with center A and radius AB
Step 3: add a point C on the circle
Step 4: add segment AC
Step 5: construct parallel lines
Step 6: add intersection, D, of the parallel lines
Step 7: create a polygon ABDC
Step 8: hide construction lines

From the view menu, open the construction protocol. All created objects will be listed in a new window. Study this list and review the steps in making this construction.

This construction is done with method 1 described above.
Here are two more methods for constructing a rhombus. Open the construction protocol in each file and find out how the construction is done. Can you think of other methods?
Method 2
Method 3