JCM applets

The following graphing applets are provided by the "Java Components For Mathematics" project. For details of the project, please go to http://math.hws.edu/javamath/index.html . You may find documentation, including means to configure and embed the applets in homepages.

Click a button to open a separate resizable graphing window. In most cases, you can click, right-click or click-and-drag in the graphing region to 'zoom'; right-click-and-drag to 'pan'.

Enter a formula and graph a function. Trace the graph by using a slider or input box for an x value.
Enter and graph a family of functions, with up to 3 parameters, e.g. y = a*sin(b*x-c) or y = a*x^2+b*x+c. Use sliders to adjust values of individual parameters.
Animate the graph of a function that depends on a parameter, by going through a sequence of parameter values.
Enter and graph several functions, with or without parameters.
Trace a parametric curve, in which x and y coordinates are expressed as functions of t.
Enter 2 functions f(x) and g(x). Display both graphs and their composition g(f(x)). Trace along the first graph and mark corresponding points on the other graphs.
Input a set of ordered pairs, construct scatterplot and line of regression.
Combination of several graphing tools and function explorations.xFunctions is an earlier related product by the author of JCM: http://math.hws.edu/eck/ .
Drag points on a curve that define a secant line, compare it with the tangent at one point and check the slopes.
Explore graphically first and second derivatives.
Give the Riemann sum of a given function and display the partition with different numbers of intervals.
Draw integral curves of a vector field.